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Whatsapp transcripts (redacted)


Hello Steve
Have you on my WhatsApp account.
[09:44, 23/02/2021] "patron": Contact- Laura Watts
Mobile number +1(214)903-0042
Add on to your WhatsApp account
[09:52, 23/02/2021] "patron": http://Www.kremfxtrade.com
Register hear Steve
Hi "patron",
Thanks for this.
I'll have a look today and let you know where I get up to.
Cheers, Steve
Good stuff enjoy your Coffee
It was nice :)
Just sent Laura Watts a txt letting her know u Will contact her
Hello Steve
Morning let me know if you need any help
Thanks "patron",
I've confirmed ID on both sites and transferred money to hardblock, awaiting their call.
Kremfx change password is broken - says bad old password, but I'm copy/pasting the password both to log in and to populate the old password field in the change password page.
Chat help person suggested a workaround that turns out not to exist and now the chat is not visible on the page.
Stupid website.
Laura will contact you ok
Thanks "patron".
I gave her full details earlier - no reply so far
[13:18, 26/02/2021] "patron": Don't worry Laura Will contact you it's 9:15pm
[13:18, 26/02/2021] "patron": In Los Angeles
No probs, I'm in no hurry
I want you to be comfortable my friend
No worries. Thanks
She will check things out first Steve
Hello Steve
You still coming for Coffee tomorrow morning, app 8am
[08:14, 16/03/2021] "patron": 1KRmQannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnKSDX
[08:14, 16/03/2021] "patron": Laura Watts
Wallet Address
Hello Steve
Can you please send me a snapshot of your balance please
Just now.
My suggestion is to wait till your account stops trading
Sure. Laura said she'll txt me soon.
Hey "patron", you might be aware of all the dietary stuff, but just in case it's of use, here's a link to the latest post from "That Sugar Film" producers. It's a great adventure, but they're focussed on saving the world and I love their work.
You might enjoy spending half an hour viewing their pages . . .
Might help those knees :)
Hello Steve
How mutch is your trading account at the moment?
Seems to have slowed down a lot after the 1st week
They don't trade Saturday and Sunday
But the values still change :)
How are you getting on with withdrawing your money?
I have to get $2000 USD to get the start of my funds, waiting for FIFO Shut on the 19th April to start, away for 14 days going to Port Headland
Ah, work :)
After that l will stop all FIFO work
Do you mean you have to put more money in before you can get money out?
Stopping work is nice :D
Planning a Special suprize for #### [his wife]
Happy times :)
[10:56, 30/03/2021] "patron": Yes check with Laura
There's a fee u will have to pay for release of funds to your Hardblock account
[10:57, 30/03/2021] "patron": That is after your trading account stops
That would have to come out of my profits. I won't put in more money until I have proof that it all works.
Especially after looking on Google street view at the carpark at their street address on their website.
I'm even drafting a web page chronicling our adventure. Hopefully it'll be a wonderful happy story :)
There is a start up fee for getting your account started, then a release of funds fee to get funds released to your Wallet
Where are these documented?
Speak to Laura
She is your account manager.
I have been going through this process myself
OK, how much is the withdrawal fee for you?
[11:09, 30/03/2021] "patron": $2000 USD
[11:09, 30/03/2021] "patron": I have been working with Laura for 3 years now
That's more than the initial investment
Have you taken money out in the past?
[11:10, 30/03/2021] "patron": My trade is different to yours Steve
[11:11, 30/03/2021] "patron": Yes l took out $7000 USD
Of course. I'll get in touch with Laura towards the end of the month. Happy to watch the numbers on their website change for now.
Cool Steve
Enjoy your day "patron", I have some other stuff to get back to :)
Will let you see my return funds once back from Port Headland
Cool. Enjoy Hedland if you can :)

LauraChat-full To20210330


Hi Laura,

"patron" has introduced me to kremfx whose website is giving me some grief.

"patron" suggested you'd be able to sort me out.

I've verified ID and dashboard shows [DEPOSIT FUND] button.

I want to change my password and it says I'm using a bad old password, despite copying and pasting the password on both the login and change password web forms.

I'd like to delete the account and start over.

User toogood@contact.net.au and now two working passwords Stevegill2021 and Stevegill2302.

Feel free to check.
I won't use this account but will set up a new one.
If that's ok.

There have been issues with webchat too but that's incidental.

Please let me know what you think. No rush.

Cheers, Steve
Hi there,

I have personally tried to log into the account you created with the details provided by you and I can tell you categorically that both passwords don’t get you into the account, the password that works is Stevegill2302

I don’t know but I think you are getting something wrong or maybe just being too critical.

I think you should stick to this account, get things sorted and let’s move forward if you wish
Hi Laura, thanks. I did work in website support and development as a business systems analyst. Also testing, and I've been described as a shit magnet by bosses :)

I will keep the account as you suggest, but won't be comfortable until I can change the password.
Earlier today "patron" said he'd logged in with 2021 after your webchat person had changed it to 2303. I thought the acct might be corrupted, hence suggesting to create a new one.

I'm looking forward to learning more, but not in any hurry - so much going on around here.

Have a great weekend.
Cheers, Steve
Alright, just so you feel comfortable and can sleep better I’ll suggest you create another account using a different Email address
Thanks Laura.
How do I delete the old account?
[18:31, 26/02/2021] Laura Watts: You can simply send an Email requesting your account to be deleted
[18:32, 26/02/2021] Laura Watts: Support@kremfxtrade.com
Thanks for your patient responses to my dumb questions :)
You are welcome, just get it done
2good@contact.net.au "account is been verified"
Hello Laura funds to you now 8:47 am Perth Time
Can you please confirm amount received
[09:57, 16/03/2021] Laura Watts: Hi there Steve
[09:59, 16/03/2021] Laura Watts: The amount received is approximately $1650
The volatility must have dropped the original value
Thanks Laura, I'm OK with that.
I was aiming to better USD1500 and "patron" convinced me to send more than the AUD2000 I had planned.
I'm looking forward to updates as they come.
Have a good evening.
[10:07, 16/03/2021] Laura Watts: I’ll need you to send something over to me attached to your account.
[10:08, 16/03/2021] Laura Watts: Your account ID, clicking on the menu column scroll down to my wallet, you should find it there
Sorry. Stuck with family. 15mins
Sure no worries
[ ID num ]
[05:25, 18/03/2021] Laura Watts: Hi there Steve
[05:25, 18/03/2021] Laura Watts: Hope you’re doing great?
[05:26, 18/03/2021] Laura Watts: Just wanted to let you know that we have began trades on your account
Hi Laura,
Yes, great. Hope you are too.

I'm really impressed with the first numbers!

I've requested online to withdraw USD5000.
This returns my deposit and satisfies my wife that it's real.
After I exchange for AUD here I won't need to touch anything for some time.
My head is spinning.
Thank you.
Cheers, Steve
I’ll text you in a bit, I just need to conclude today’s section
[04:17, 19/03/2021] Laura Watts: Your trading account was programmed to run for a Month, we are using the technique of compounding interest to have more returns on a daily basis, it will lead to a breakdown of everything is anything otherwise
[04:17, 19/03/2021] Laura Watts: When the time is right you will be able to place your withdrawal
No worries.
So now I know. It would skew the results to take profit early.
Where can I get more detail about the system so I can answer my own dumb questions? :)
I'd like to cancel my withdrawal request but can't see how to do that on the website. Should I do it via the webchat or is there a button I'm just not seeing? :/
Did you place your withdrawal using the column under the menu in your account called “Withdrawal Funds” ?

That’s were you place the amount you wish to withdraw, fill the form and then it gets approved. Only when it gets approved has your withdrawal request been successful placed.

I don’t think that was what you did yesterday, meaning you didn’t place a withdrawal therefore there is no need to get it canceled.

Please be patient, when the time is right I will personally walk you through the process.
No problem.
I'm accustomed to specifying and testing systems where the usage and requirements are clear.
Taking some time to get used to this. :)
Did you place a request with this ?
I think that record shows the create status as successful and the approval as pending.
I can't see a way to cancel the request (a function I did find while looking at "deposit funds")
I told you to let it be for now.
I created that request yesterday.
Today I looked but couldn't see how to withdraw that request
[14:51, 19/03/2021] Laura Watts: Send an Email to support to have it canceled
[14:52, 19/03/2021] Laura Watts: Please don’t make this difficult for my team
[14:52, 19/03/2021] Laura Watts: Kindly send the Email and have it canceled
Ok. Sending now.
Without any documentation I assumed it would be ok to use available web function to appease my wife and give back her money plus a bit.
I meant no harm or mischief.
Will write/send email to support mailbox now.
And wait to hear when our initial stake can be retrieved :)

https://web.whatsapp.com/ accessed 08/APR/2021 13:58 WAST

And wait to hear when our initial stake can be retrieved :)
Hi Laura,
I hope you've had a great Easter.
Could you please advise me what I need to do to withdraw some of our profits, what the process is to reinvest, and fees/cost structure.
Cheers, Steve
[11:27, 06/04/2021] Laura Watts: Hi there
[11:27, 06/04/2021] Laura Watts: Yes, I had a nice celebration.
Hope you are doing well ?
[11:28, 06/04/2021] Laura Watts: I’ll give you the info in a couple of hours, just need to conclude trades for the day.
Thanks Laura, yes all good here. My wife Nengah planning big help for her family in Bugbug, east Bali. Take your time, no rush, just want to get it right.
[05:47, 07/04/2021] Laura Watts: Hi there

I apologize for the delay in response...
[05:47, 07/04/2021] Laura Watts: On making withdrawal, your first withdrawal has to be at least 85% of the amount you have in your trading account.
To begin the process, you will click on the withdrawal funds column, state the amount you wish to withdraw (remember it has to be at least %85 of the accumulated profits or more) then you wait for it to get approved.

Whatever is leftover after the withdrawal amount has been approved can be used to continue the trading program.

Once it’s approved you will thereafter be required to make payment for the international broker code which is 8% (0.08)of the intended withdrawal amount.

After the payment of the I.B code, the code will be provided and then you can complete the transfer of funds into your account.


Thanks Laura.
Once the withdrawal is approved, does the IB payment get paid from the withdrawal funds like all of the other investments I've had to date?


No Steve, that payment is made separately and is not deducted from the approved withdrawal amount



That’s where I left it.